We're looking for people who want to study Japanese
or are interested in Japan. We are studying English and we
can communicate in English through Skype for free.

The international community
for English and Japanese learners

*** Now accepting application of volunteer staff ***

** The purpose of this community
1.The support for the English, Japanese learners
(Through the skype system)

2.The information exchange of English, Japanese studies
(On the bulletin-board, mail-magazine, mailing list, ctc.)

3.The support of boosting exchange with English, Japnese learne
(Organizing the Japanese-Study-Meeting)

The Reason of Establishing ICEJ

For language learners, the most difficult problem is a lack of the speaking oppotunity with natives.
Now we hava a additional strong tool. That's internet. Therough Skype we can communicate like
a phone with no charge.
So we are looking for the people who are glad to speak Japanese people. If they want to learn
Japanese or they are interested in Japanese matters, we can exchange knowledge each other.
And also we don't worry about any charge to do these.
Please make contact with us. Thank you very much.
Mr. Yoshio Sakamoto (The establisher of this community)